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Riding motorcycles has been a lifelong passion that started in my early teens. Although I wasn’t allowed to ride on the road till I was 16. That’s when my whole world changed. Riding a bike for me has always been about freedom, adventure and risk taking. All the things a young teenager thrives on and parents hope he will outgrow. Unfortunately for them this didn’t happen.


I’m a UK based rider and most of my world revolves around family, friends and occasionally work. Everyday I wake up and my first though is ‘what’s the weather like?’


This is because the weather governs my ride for the day. I try to ride everyday, as that way each day starts with a new adventure. I hate the winter months as the bikes are in hibernation. I’ve learnt the hard way and had to many accidents in the rain and the dark, the biggest enemies to a rider. Well that and car drivers.


My other great lifelong passion is photography and to indulge them both are my best days out. With the advent of all this new technology the world has become ever smaller. Sharing these two passions is what this page on my website is all about.


I would like to engage other riders/bikers, custom builders, off roaders, racers and just about anyone who has a passion for motorised two wheels, by photographing their passions and then publishing them on the page.


Ideally I will be regularly updating my events page with places and times that bikers might be interested in. My hope is to go along to as many of these as work, family and other distraction will allow. I will photograph the events, the people and most importantly the bikes for all to see.


Not sure where this will all lead, but like riding the bikes it’s a new adventure. If you are an organiser of an event let me know about it and try to give me as much detail as you can. If I attend the pictures I take you will be more than welcome to use to help promote your event.


The only thing I ask in return is that at some point, I would like to make a book-magazine-website from all these pictures. So to that end can you help me by granting permission to use the shots.


My email and contact details are on the side bar otherwise just fill in the form at the end of the website. Many thanks for looking at my website.


Robert Pirsig said it best in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: "You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”



Date Events
Sat. 20th May 2017

Southern Classic Show & Auto Jumble

Kempton Park Racecourse

Fri. 26th May 2017 Bike Shed Show Tobacco Dock London
Sun. 28th -29th May 2017 BMW GS Challenge
Sat. 3rd - 9th June 2017 Isle of Man TT
Sat. 22nd July 2017

 Kempton Motorcycle Jumble

Kempton Park Racecourse


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